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Geneva Health Files: Behind The Scenes

Geneva Health Files: Behind The Scenes

Special Podcast Episode On Completing Two Years

Dear Readers,

Allow me to gently seize the mic.

Two years is a long time in entrepreneurship, but a breathlessly short one in a pandemic news cycle.

Geneva Health Files has now completed its first two years - often the most challenging period for any new initiative. This initiative is not fully financially viable yet. But, we have survived.

Today we are pleased to bring you this podcast, where I recount this journey with my colleague Kaitlyn Green. She has been a reader, and who first volunteered her time when we had just begun.

In this podcast, I share my experience in the production of this newsletter: the wins, the losses, the near-hits and the near-misses. In short, the exhilarating, but often exhausting experience of keeping up with the news, chasing sources, pushing for viability and hopefully, getting wiser in the process.

My heart-felt gratitude to my podcast producer, also a reader, volunteering her time outside of her day job, to help us put this together.

Listen on and tell us what you think!

If you wish to support this podcast series from Global Health Geneva, get in touch with us. We are keen on bringing complex, technical information in an accessible, audio format to our readers and potential listeners.



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The Geneva Health Files Podcast
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