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The Journey towards a Pandemic Accord: Listen to the Co-Chairs of the INB. [Voices from the Negotiations]

The Journey towards a Pandemic Accord: Listen to the Co-Chairs of the INB. [Voices from the Negotiations]

Podcast: Episode 04 [The Geneva Health Files Podcast]

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Dear Readers, Listeners,

I am happy to bring you the next episode of the Geneva Health Files podcast continuing with our series on Voices from the Negotiations.

Interviews are an integral part of journalism. But as a former print journalist (those of us who worked for newspapers - they were/are a thing you know), it has been a very interesting experience for me to work with the audio medium.

An in-person interview provides greater richness to the interview process, including, how we as reporters, read body language. Similarly, a podcast elevates an interview by directly putting you in touch with the speakers. It offers an opportunity to witness and reflect on the cadences, the pauses and the choice of words.

In this episode, listen to Roland Driece and Precious Matsoso - the Co-Chairs of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body - who are facilitating the discussions and negotiations towards a new Pandemic Accord. This is a timely listen ahead of the INB’s next meeting in early September 2023. (See transcript published earlier and below.)

Also, please accept my apologies for some of the background noise during this interview. I am working on improving how we conduct podcasts. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

This episode has been produced by my young colleague Parth Chandna who is part of our annual Fellowship program. Parth is a podcast pro and is helping us bring to life our audio offerings.

We are keen on raising resources for continuing with these audio series. Get in touch if you wish to support this podcast from Global Health Geneva.

Listen in, spread the word. Gives us your feedback by simply hitting reply to this email. (See our earlier episode here.)



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Read the edited transcript of this interview here that we published a few weeks ago.

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