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Listen Now: The Geneva Health Files Interview with Fatima Hassan

Listen Now: The Geneva Health Files Interview with Fatima Hassan

Podcast: Episode 07 [The Geneva Health Files Podcast]

Presenting Global Health As Heard In Geneva.

Dear Readers, Listeners,

We are delighted to share the next episode of the Geneva Health Files podcast!

In this episode we bring you a comprehensive interview with Fatima Hassan, a South African activist and lawyer, whose efforts have forced greater transparency on how contracts were negotiated and how vaccines were procured during COVID-19.

Hassan, is recognized for her work on health and human rights. She leads Health Justice Initiative, a Cape-Town based NGO.

During a visit to Geneva in September 2023, Hassan took the time for us to talk at length about her motivation and efforts on pushing for transparency in vaccine contract negotiations in South Africa.   

We are deeply grateful to her for explaining the many twists and turns in the tenacious advocacy efforts that have established a benchmark on how transparency is fought for and won.

This expansive and timely interview, will hopefully illustrate the consistency of efforts by some civil society actors fighting for accountability in global health, and the sheer power imbalances that underpin this ecosystem.

(See this interview in text that we published earlier: “There is really no moral, legal, justifiable ground for this level of secrecy, you need to bring the light in’’: Fatima Hassan on the Fight for Transparency of COVID-19 Vaccine Contracts)

This episode has been produced by my young colleague Parth Chandna who is part of our annual Fellowship program. Parth is a podcast pro and is helping us bring to life our audio offerings.

We are keen on raising resources for continuing with these audio series. Get in touch if you wish to support this podcast from Global Health Geneva.

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